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              Affirmation, from unremitting efforts and pursuit

              Resource conservation and comprehensive utilization

              Time: 2019-07-08

              Natural resources are the material basis for sustainable development

              Sustainable development is also a necessary strategic choice for both developed and developing countries, but for developing countries like China, the prerequisite for sustainable development is development. One of the goals of development is to produce more material and cultural products in order to meet the basic needs and growing needs of all people. The amount of natural resources restricts the quantity of these material products. The distribution and allocation of resources determine the industrial structure and investment distribution, which all restrict the realization of economic development goals to a large extent.

              Conserve resources and protect the environment

              In the final analysis, the problem of environmental pollution is limited to a certain level of understanding and economic and technological conditions. The discharge of various oxides, heavy metal salts, and organic substances into the environment is not a waste of resources. Ecological damage is attributed to the inability of people to fully and effectively use resources such as living things, land and fresh water within the limits of natural carrying, and to excessively request them from nature without paying attention to conservation. Therefore, saving resources is not only an important part of improving economic efficiency, but also the best way to prevent environmental pollution and ecological damage.


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